“My skin has been glowingafter my Proionic and Oxy Revive facials!”

Go Foundation-Free! I find myself wearing less make up and I am no longer obsessing over clogged pores and blemished areas.

Hanli Hoefer, 24

MTV Asia VJ and Model

“Im a convert! With their thorough, meticulous and luxe treatments my improved skin condition says it all.”

Go Foundation-Free! Glowing complexion is here to stay! Authentic confidence; Its about beautiful skin not beautiful make up.”

Cherin Tan, 32

Founder of Laank Pte Ltd

“Leaving my skin in Porcelain’s hands has been one of the best decisions I’ve made this year.”

Go Foundation-Free! There’s nothing quite as liberating as leaving the house without makeup! The best is knowing that my skin can breathe while looking effortlessly good.”

Desiree Liew, 23

Digital Editor

“I break out less; my skin feels smooth, without the little bumps underneath. Go Foundation-Free! Be the envy of your friends! You don’t need to waste time removing make-up. Restore confidence without face paint!”

Christine Ng

Blogger and Miss Earth 2010 Finalist

“Pores are less clogged and less obvious. A general sheen of healthy oiliness instead of the clogged oils from foundation or concealer.”

Chrystle Kuek, 28


“I’ve always hated putting stuff on my face, so going without foundation was not a big deal for me. After starting treatment with Porcelain though, I began to appreciate that going foundation free is not the same as going bare-faced, and that it’s possible to find products which genuinely address skin’s challenges, not just cover them up. That, combined with my Porcelain visits have brought my troubled, sensitive skin under control, so that these days, I go without foundation not only because I don’t LIKE it, but also because I know I don’t NEED it. Go Foundation-Free! It feels amazing. Your face will feel lighter and healthier and your skin will thank you. You can make this one decision and see it pay-off over the rest of your life. Why not? Wouldn’t you rather have gorgeous natural skin than a perfect painted mask?”

Tabbi Maitland, 30

Social Enterprise Entrepreneur

“I’ve gotten fewer oil seeds, my skin has brightened as well without the heavy mask of foundation. Go Foundation-Free! It might be hard to get used to at first, but it’s much more comfortable over time. I no longer feel the need to strip off my make up immediately after reaching home because my skin feels like it can breathe all day long.”

Kaitlyn Gan


“My face does not feel “masked”, instead it feels clean and touching up is no longer necessary!”

Crystal Teng


“I experienced better skin conditions including clean & minimized pores; more even skin tone; and natural skin glow! Go Foundation-Free! For your skin to breathe better, and prevent clogging of pores! In fact, skin regime becomes so easy just following Porcelain facial treatments, and faithfully using their products!”

Elayne Low, 37


“My skin used to be dull and had many clogged pores. Though it can’t be seen, but my skin was not as smooth as before. After going through the treatments with Porcelain, my skin gradually improved. It turned brighter and has less breakouts. Go Foundation-Free! Going foundation free would allow your skin to breathe and hence reducing your clogged pores. Your skin will feel much lighter without having make up.”

Elsepth Sia, 26

Insurance Broker

“Blackheads and oil clots problems has reduced tremendously. I no longer need to worry for scares on my face. Go Foundation-Free! The kind of oil-free feeling is what I have been longing for many years as I perspire whenever I am not in air-con room. Sincere thanks to Porcelain Face Spa for your passion to treat my skin. Now that I can go foundation free, I have been sharing this good news with my friends.”

Elizabeth Ng, 44